International Symposium on Data Assimilation 2018

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Public Transport

Stops near the symposium venue

  • Tivolistraße (Tram line 18 / Bus line 154)
  • Hirschauer Straße (Bus line 54 / Bus line 154)

Connections from the airport/central station to the conference location:

Airport -> symposium venue (ca. 1 h)

S1/Ostbahnhof or S8/Herrsching from the airport to stop "Isartor".
Tram 18/Effnerplatz from "Isartor" to stop "Tivolistraße".
Luftansa Airport Bus to the central station

Central station -> symposium venue (ca. 25 min)

Tram 18/Effnerplatz from the central station to stop "Tivolistraße".
U4/Arabellapark or U5/Neuperlach Süd from the central station to stop "Lehel".
Tram 18/Effnerplatz from "Lehel" to stop "Tivolistraße".


Single ticket - 2,60 € (1 trip / 1 zone)
1 day ticket - 6,00 € (Inner District / white zone / At the central station please buy this ticket)
3 day ticket - 15,00 € (Inner District / white zone/ For trips between hotel and symposium venue)
1 day ticket - 11,70 € (Entire Network / all zones / At the airport please buy this ticket)

Further information about ticket options:


Journey planner to find the best connection:

Travel information from the Munich Public Transport Service: